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Our story
Our story


I’m Jemma, founder of Peachy Fitness. 

I’m in the business of keeping people fit and strong. These two quantities are directly linked to living a good life… a ‘peachy’ life.


Exercise and training are different things. Exercise doesn’t require you to learn or progress. It’s movement, it’s something you can do passively or actively. Cleaning your house is exercise!

Training is the progressive form of exercise. You learn about your personal physiology. You learn movement patterns. You test your psychology. You progress to a strong, fitter you, day by day, year by year. You can train in a gym or in a sport setting. 

I enjoy an active lifestyle. In the gym I practice a functional style of strength training. You’ll find me at the squat rack, deadlift platform, pull up bar, sled track, swinging a kettlebell, pressing dumbbells… or slamming a weighted ball against a wall. 

I teach studio cycling. I practice yoga. I love hike and really love to run, especially outdoors on trails. I’m a run leader and local guide. 

A balanced program of strength, cardio and holistic exercise is the peachy way for me! 


I started working in the fitness industry back in 2014 as a group exercise instructor and member of staff at Fitness First Solihull. Since then my 10 years industry experience has been full of variety. 

My very first ‘gig’ was teaching a niche dance class with an upbeat vibe that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I loved the awesome aerobic-dance routines and soon got used to exercising with glow sticks! It was brand new on the market and I’d never even attended a class…it sounded fun and unique so I bit the bullet and did the instructor training. I was the one of the first people to launch a class in the West Midlands. Soon after ‘getting glowing’ I trained in other concepts I enjoyed participating in; cycling/spin, Insanity (HIIT) and Les Mills Body Attack. I became a freelance instructor going around local gyms, and that story continues. Amidst the madness of all the high energy fitness classes, I found something for myself; strength and conditioning. 

This led me to become a Personal Trainer and specialise in Strength and Conditioning. I’ve been working one-to-one with a huge variety of people since qualifying in 2017. 

I learned my craft in a commercial gym environment, before graduating to a private studio. I also have lots of experience delivering online sessions via video call, and offer this service on a limited basis. I’m a people-person and an in-real-life trainer at heart. 

I pride myself on being personable, professional and capable of training people of mixed ages and abilities. My coaching experience started back in my early 20s when I was a gymnastics coach in a recreational setting. This even took me coaching at a summer camp in the USA. 

Coaching people in physical skills is an occupation I feel privileged to have. I enjoy working with individuals and groups alike.

If you would like to work together on your fitness goals then please get in touch and let’s get started.